Besotted and SQuiffy

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Terry Billem is also a disappointment to his father. He is bone-idle and resents the necessity to be even idle. Existence itself is really too much effort and even the job center in town has given up on him. Terry is, by any standards a very sharp cookie. He has picked up a lot of his dads quick business mind and is in fact far more sly and subtle when it comes to lacking ethics.

The world would be his to exploit and embezzle if only he could be bothered! Plus of course, It is so convenient (and easy) just to milk the old man here and there and the gullible nature of Mr Bodget makes funds for extras like CD's and trendy hats readily available.

It is common knowledge that dogs reflect their owner's character so the speculation about "Fido" being a dog is suspect and unproven. Terry's faithful companion is so unlike his "owner"! A small, hyperactive, "thing" accompanies Terry! So agitated and dirty that no one has yet got a clear view of it within is own private self-propelled dust cloud. It seems to occupy the approximate space, and indeed time of a small dog.

"Fido" is a doggie name. It has a Lead. (Alas, rarely if ever attached to both Fido and Terry simultaneously) It snarls at anything it sees and seems to devour anything even faintly edible. It is therefore advisable to think of it as a dog! (the foolish may speculate further as to what in fact Fido is but the alternatives are all too dreadful and only keep you awake at nights!

As on every Thursday, Terry is off to work. Yes, Work!

The Bodget n Billem firm is a tad complex but works well for all concerned although perhaps not quite so well for Bodget. (Customers do not count in such equations) Arnold Bodget is a firm believer in his employees being good qualified men and continuity of his appalling standards, is vital to the smooth running of a firm that is on the edge of really BIG profits! He pays his workers good rates and likes to be in control of at least the wages. He is a director after all and Billem can't run everything financial. So he refuses to even consider or tolerate any input about wages from Billem!

The real work is Bodget's domain and he does not even tell Billem that the men are usually at college on day release. (Paid, of course.) At the end of each term they proudly gain yet another qualification which in turn earns them another pay rise.

No other firm can boast such a loyal and qualified foreman as Barry Stitch. His passion for detail is legendary. He is this term on day release to get an NVQ in C.S (Chisel Sharpening) at a college so "exclusive" that it doesn't even appear in the phone book! Barry's tools are always locked up in the huge chest in his "office" on site. Legend has it that they are now so sharp that Death himself, will one day arrive (astride "Binky" of course!) with a complete set of scythes for Barry to hone to a perfect edge.

Barry earns more than twice the going rate now and has 2 weeks extra holiday each summer (never during college term!) But the firm will, one day reap rich rewards from such a skilled man. Alnold's day will surly come. Billem will have to eat his words of scorn about Barry. ……………………One day.

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