The Ferriday guitar is created to achieve the musicians dreams, aspirations and ideas. It's a design not influenced by fashion or what has "been done", and is contemptuous of current or past trends. The starting point was defining the essential components of an electric guitar and the ergonomics involved. plus the belief that quality sounds stem from natural materials.

"No mere visual gimmick" is how Paul Day described the Guitar in his review, (Music Mart), and this indeed sums up the philosophy behind the four years of development that have gone into the design and production of this unique and beautiful instrument. "If you want an ornament, nail three ducks to the wall" is the comment of builder Russell Ferriday.

The best players make even simple songs and phrases sound rich and magical, thus it follows that simplicity should be the key to enabling the instrument to do the same. "A Guitar you can work with and will work with you", (Greg Watkins, "Venue"). The positively jawdropping elegance and looks are unsurprising by-products of aiming for excellent ergonomics and clean, natural sounds. The graceful, elegant appearance comes as a result of adhering to the original aims of its design, with nothing added or omitted purely for cosmetic gain.

"The quality of construction on this Guitar is staggering", (Dominic Hilton, "Guitarist"). Attention to detail and the use of high quality natural materials must be of great significance. The solid brass string ferrules, 5 times the mass of most types and double-step seated into the body; neck to body joint individually fitted for every guitar. "The most accurate joint of its type I have ever seen", (Dominic Hilton); pickups mounted directly to the body; meticulous care taken bonding fingerboard to neck; the firmly seated graphite nut; the straight string travel from tuner to bridge, plus tremendous inate stability
and controllable density offered by multi-laminate construction, all work together to ensure no string energy is wasted nor dissipated, and all contribute to inherent sustain and natural tonality. "A masterpiece of woodworking skills", (Paul Day).

"The sustain is unearthly", (Dominic Hilton, ‘Guitarist’), "Sweet sustain all the way up", (Greg Watkins. "Venue"), "Inherent natural sustain", (Paul Day, "Music Mart"). Theories about good sustain abound, but many elements of the Ferriday contribute to a superlative performance.




BODY AND NECK: Laminated Maple/Mahogany

FINGERBOARD: Rosewood or Ebony

NUT: Graphite

SCALE LENGTH: 648mm (25 1/2 inches)


PICUPS: Kent Armstrong Cool Rail Humbuckers,

FINISH: Natural Polyester, (solid colours available to order)

HARDWARE: Chrome, Gold or Black.